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After I developed the man-AGE-ment Organizational model, some of my friends noted some changes in the view of management.

not CHANGE!  Sometimes change denotes neglect of old ways, patterns, habits, views, principles, etc.  

I would rather call it development or evolution of management views.

Here's a list of development from old management view to new management views:

old: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Controlling
The management process as what was thought in schools use the term directing which denotes dominance as the driving force in achieving organizational goals.
new: Planning, organizing, Staffing, Leading, Controlling
In man-AGE-ment organizational model, I use the term leading which denotes influence as the driving force in achieving organizational goals with excellence.

old: Giving orders to subordinates.
new: Giving ideas to the team.

old: Leadership is viewed from the top.
new: As shown in man-AGE-ment organizational model, Leadership is at the center of the organizational system.

old: As the 3P organizational principle denotes, Profit is the ultimate goal of an organization.
new: With the man-AGE-ment organizational model, an organization can have various goals (not just profit) which has to be achieve with excellence.

Have ideas? Add your views to this blog by posting comments.
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Business failure occurs in many ways and due to different reasons.  It may happen for some entity in the early stage, others on the growth stage, and few others in the maturity stage.  Business failure happens in two view point, external and internal.

External view point are outside forces or an uncontrollable situation that causes the failure such as economic down-turn, unfavorable market condition, unfavorable changes in government legislation and calamity.  One example would be a factory burned-down by fire incident.

Internal view point on the other hand refers to failure due to lack of corporate governance, mismanagement, and financial problems.

Let us try to understand the different reasons why businesses often fail in relation to man-AGE-ment Organizational model

Deficient function within the  firm's management
§         Turning to our man-AGE-ment organizational model, an organization must involve the five management functions; planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading.  Some firm fail to complete the five management function; they often fail on the controlling function where finance function belongs and staffing function where personnel management belongs.

Imbalance or lack of skills within the top management
§         An organizations pool of top management must have at least one specializing and responsible for each of the five management functions.  Make sure to put the right person on the right place.  Some organizations usually have the right person for the firm, but the common mistake is they put them in the wrong place.

Inactive board of directors
§         Lack of interest of the board of directors in the financial position of the organization and lack of corporate governance may lead to business failure.

One from the top management dominates the operation without regard for the input of others
§         For an organization, achievement of goals with excellence is not a one man game.

Apart from the above reasons, there are several mistakes that a company commits.  Feel free to add inputs on this topic by posting a comment.
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>Is it the product's value to the customer?
Creating high value to your product or business is a value-based pricing strategy. Creating high value works well if the bulk of your market is affluent. This strategy is heavily weighted with subjected judgment.

>Is it the price?
Cost-based pricing strategy works well if the bulk of your market is only driven by price.

In other words, we should consider the market we are serving as a factor in our pricing strategy.
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Assumption: Flour cost is 27% of your Selling Price

hence, Selling Price = cost of flour/27%

or P=F/27%

If you want to sell Pan de sal at Php1.00/pc, how many pieces of Pan de sal shall you yield from a kilo of flour?

Scenario 1: Flour is bought at Php800/bag.

hence, yield per kilo = (F/27%)/25kls





If flour is bought at Php800/bag, you should yield 119 pieces of Pan de Sal per kilo of flour, sold at Php 1.00/pc.

Scenario 2: Flour is bought at Php790/bag



If flour is bought at Php790/bag, you should yield 117 pieces of Pan de sal per kilo of flour, sold at Php1.00/pc.

Given the two scenarios, what am I trying to point out here? 

Mid-august of 2009 Philippine flour millers announces the reduction of flour price by Php10.00/bag. And it does, our supplier decrease the price per bag by Php10.00.

Point one, this decrease does not have significant positive effects to the bakers. Decreasing a yield from 119 to 117 will not be noticed by consumers. Hence, it cannot create significant increase in consumer demand for the bread.

Point two, the announcement of such decrease in flour price per bag in MEDIA creates wrong notion to consumers and creates problem in the relationship of the bakers and its customers. As customers demanding the bakers to decrease the prices of bread, bakers cannot at all time explain the scenario to its customers.
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